Makro Retailer Alliance (MRA)

“Be Different” Apart from the basic principle of retail shop management, the shop owner must find your own uniqueness. Create an identity to your shop and differentiate your shop from other competitors, to draw customers into your shop, make them remember you better and buy from you frequently.

Techniques to be different The shop owner should consider the different demand of customers in each location.

1. Be different by "Products and Services"
Add products and services that is different from others. Choose new products with good quality and fair price.
2. Be different by "Decorations"
Nice decoration makes customers a better shopping experience. Interior should focus on customers’ convenience, colourful shelves, nice music and aroma. Exterior should be fresh or use local materials to decorate.
3. Be different by "Community Relations"
Including being information centre, arrange community activities, merit or donations
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