Real Stories from a Makro Management Trainee: Discovering the 8 Essential Roles of "Tao Kae

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Real Stories from a Makro Management Trainee: Discovering the 8 Essential Roles of "Tao Kae

Kodchwon (Ice), Nititorn (Ping Pong), Piraya (Kapan), Paramee (Prem), Yanisa (Wan), and Jedsadakorn (Earth)

Have you ever wondered what it's like to step into the shoes of a Management Trainee at Makro? Let's dive into the exciting world of a "Tao Kae" and explore their ten vital roles that keep the gears of this organization turning.

  1. Learning the Bug Picture: Just like exploring a treasure map, Tao Kae learns how Makro works from start to finish.
  2. Making Things Smoother: Imagine finding ways to do things faster and better in every part of the company.
  3. Fixing What’s Not Working: Like a detective, Tao Kae spots where things aren’t going well and make them awesome.
  4. Friends with Customers: Tao Kae keeps old customers happy and find new ones by talking to them and learning what they need.
  5. Being Creative Heroes: Picture Tao Kae like artists, coming up with cool new ideas to make Makro even more amazing.
  6. Talking to the executives: Just like sharing your cool ideas with your family, Tao Kae tells great plans to executives.
  7. Caring for customers: Tao Kae make sure customers get everything they want and have a super good time shopping at Makro.
  8. Learning and Growing: Just like learning from your games, Tao Kae gets better by looking at what works and what doesn’t.

But being a Makro Management Trainee isn't just about skills – it's about people too. Tao Kae builds not only their expertise but also strong relationships. They manage diverse teams because great leaders don't just appear; they're nurtured, creating a lasting impact on the organization's sustainability.


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