Experience the Journey: A Day in the Life of a Makro Management Trainee, Opens Doors to Work Abroad and Develop Entrepreneurial Skills

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Experience a day in the life of a Management Trainee at Makro, where young individuals are groomed to become future leaders equipped with entrepreneurial skills in today's dynamic working world. This program not only uncovers the full potential of participants but also offers exciting opportunities to work abroad, including in China.

One of our outstanding trainees, Kwankorn Woravutrangkul, affectionately known as Pond, had the chance to embark on an enriching journey in China. Here's a glimpse into Pond's remarkable experience and what he gained from this project.

Pond eagerly sought out business growth opportunities, formulating strategies for developing both B2B and B2C customer bases. She also collaborated with senior management to enhance operational systems within the organization. This clear alignment of goals and methods not only propelled sales growth with Thai and Chinese businesses but also fostered strong connections with affiliated companies such as CPF, specializing in poultry, eggs, fruits, and swine. Additionally, Pond had the privilege of presenting her work and receiving valuable guidance from senior executives on a weekly basis.”

Curious about Pond's daily routine as a Management Trainee? Wondering about the exciting challenges she faces? Let's dive in and discover the exhilarating world of a Management Trainee at Makro.


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