From Marketing Grads to Junior Merchandise Managers, Makro Offer Limitless Growth Opportunities!

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Meet Bank – Nutchapong Pattharapisan, a marketing graduate turned Makro success story. In just 18 months, Banks’ dedication and support from mentors propelled him to a new position. Join us as Bank shares his remarkable journey at Makro.

Q: When you graduated, what field did you initially want to pursue, and did it align with your expectations?
Upon graduating, my intention was to be explore the realm of Marketing since it was my major and the area, I was most familiar with at the time. I landed a job in Marketing at a company, but the role turned out to be more akin to sales and customer care, not quite aligning with my initial aspirations.

Q: What sparked your interest in working at Makro?
Makro, being a renowned industry leader in Fresh Food, captured my attention. I had also heard that Makro offered unlimited growth opportunities to all its employees. This combination of factors made it an intriguing prospect and a chance for me to learn and expand my horizons. Additionally, having challenging goals to strive for was an attractive prospect in terms of personal development.

Q: Could you share your journey from your first role at Makro to your current position?
I began my journey from your first role at Makro as an Assistant Buyer. This role involved supporting the Buter by handling tasks such as product pricing and analyzing both internal and external information about the products we deal with. The goal was to leverage this information to facilitate efficient growth and problem-solving within our area of responsibility.

Q: What do you believe has been a significant factor contributing to your growth?
Enthusiasm has been key. I firmly believe in approaching tasks with unwavering dedication and focus, both in terms of my assigned work and personal development. Its’ crucial to maintain a concentrated mindset and consistently strive for excellence.

Q: Apart from personal growth, what other benefits have you gained from your experience at Makro?
Working at Makro has exposed me to a diverse range of individuals across various levels and age groups. This has allowed me to adapt and collaborate effectively with a wide array of people. Moreover, one invaluable lesson I’ve learned is the importance of fostering an ownership mindset – working as if you own the task at hand-in order to maximize benefits for the organization.

At Makro, we foster personal and professional growth, empowering employees to pursue their passions and reach new heights.


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