Work Smart, Play Hard: Makro-Style Work Maximizes Fun to the Max

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Work Smart, Play Hard – a phrase often heard – revolves around the idea of strategic work planning and prioritization, enabling us to achieve effectiveness in our tasks while leaving ample time to savor life’s moments. And this very philosophy embodies the working style at Makro.

Today, we have the pleasure of introducing Bumbim Penpetch Noiyasoong, Section Manager Partner Counselor, FR Transformation Business Division, who will enlighten us about the Work Smart, Play Hard approach at Makro.  

Q: What is Bumbim’s current job at Makro?
Now, I am Section Manager - Partners Acquisition, FR Transformation Business Division. My main responsibility is to boost sales and profits within the Makro project by providing consultation and collaborating with the store.

Q: How fulfilling is this job? Does it allow for fun personal life as well?
Finding a balance between work and personal life is crucial. I understand the importance of working hard and making time for enjoyment. During my holidays, I engage in stress-relieving activities such as dining out, travelling, hiking, camping, and cycling. These experiences not only bring joy to life but also offer valuable lessons and the inspiration needed to pursue set goals. Striking a balance required careful planning, allowing for relaxed travel once work responsibilities are fulfilled. It's essential to remember that “You only live once but you have to live tomorrow too”

At Makro, we give our best when working, and when it’s time to play, we fully embrace it. Let’s Work Smart, Play Hard together!



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