Makro’s Digital Team Unleashed the Tech Avengers: A Force for Digital Transformation

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Unveiling a team that brings together extraordinary abilities and powers, we present to you Makro’s Digital Team – the Tech Avengers who are set to redefine the boundaries of innovation.

Matthew R. (Product Owner) – Natasha Romanoff
collaborate with Tech Leads to empower our team of 12 skilled SDEs, Designers, and QAs. We swiftly scale our organization using third-party engineers and designers, ensuring seamless coordination between product development and technical implementation. Through our combined expertise, we drive innovation, streamline processes, and deliver high-quality solutions that meet business and technical requirements.Top of Form

Panu A. (Tech Lead) – Black Knight
I positively encourage engineers to build customer-centric product with data-driven mindset to deliver measurable business outcome.

Nikita A. (Senior Data Scientist) – Ironman
Lead Data Science efforts at Makro. Understanding business problems and innovating DS backed solutions are key responsibilities, interact with stakeholders and leaders to keep DS roadmap updated and deliver business solutions, and work, manage and motivate my team members to keep up on project deliverables and their professional growth.

Chanatkan K. (UX Researcher) – Shuri
Conduct user research and speak for user, turn insights into tangible actions, and work alongside PO, designer and other stakeholders to align with the product roadmap and business goals

Prakhar J. (Product Designer) – Thor
Product designer for shopping experience, collaborate in cross-functional roles PO, QA, Devs


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